Market prices and reports

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740 Prime & Cast Sheep Sold.

A quality show of Lambs were easily cashed with the 648 sold averaging 234.6p/kg. Heavy Weights sold to £108 for Texels from J Crawford, Galdenoch. Top price per kilo of 265p/kg was paid for Beltex from G Campbell, Dinnans. Cast Sheep peaked at £106 for Texel Ewes from North Kildarroch. Cast Tups peaked at £89 from P Murray, High Ersock.

Lambs (Leading Prices Per Head):

Texel: £108 Galdenoch £105 Baryerrock £105 & £104 Camregan £103 Challochmun & Balgracie Suffolk: £103.80 Balgracie £103 (x2) Challochmun & High Ersock Beltex: £106, £96.80 & £93 Dinnans £97, £95 & £93 Kirranrae Charolais: £95 & £91.20 Pinmore Mains

Lambs (Leading Prices Per Kilo):

Texel: 245.5 Balgracie 244.2 Baryerrock 243.9 South Auchleach 243.1 & 242.5 Pinmore Mains 242.7 Gleniron 242 Camregan Suffolk: 238.1 Baryerrock 235 Almont 234.5 Balgracie 234.4 Carslae 233.7 (x2) Challochmun Beltex: 265 Dinnans 248.7 & 244.7 Kirranrae Charolais: 237.5 & 230.9 Pinmore Mains

Cast Ewes (Leading Prices):

Texel: £106 & £93 North Kildarroch Suffolk: £68 Barvennan Blackface: £50.50 Barlaughlan & Balligmorrie Cross; £68 Camregan

Cast Tups (Leading Prices):

Charolais: £89 High Ersock Lleyn: £74 High Ersock



26 Prime Cattle Sold

All classes remain scarce with house fed Heifers in particular easily cashed. Heifers peaked at 264.5p/kg for a peach of a Limousin from Messrs Crawford, Mansefield Mains closely followed by another well bred Limousin Heifer from Messrs Milroy, Cairnwhin. That sold at 263.5p/kg 18 Heifers averaged 241.3pkg, Steers sold to 239p/kg for a Limousin from Messrs McAllister, Nether Ardroscadale, 3 Steers averaged 231.1p/kg. Young Bulls peaked at 241p/kg for a Limousin from Messrs Milroy, Cairnwhin.

Leading Prices (per head) Heifers:

Lim: 264.5p 257p 252p & 249p Mansefield Mains 263.5p Cairnwhin 249p Challochmun Char: 235p 231p 230p Deerpark

Leading Prices (per head) Steers:

Lim: 239p Nether Ardroscadale 230p 225.5p Challochmun

Leading Prices (per head) Bulls:

Lim: 241p Cairnwhin Sim: 220p Laigland

Another large show of 23 Dairy Cattle including a consignment of 6 In Calf Holstein Friesian Heifers off Messrs J & F Graham, North Biggart which topped at £1450 and averaged £1440. The 17 Calved Heifers topped at £1800 for a Holstein Friesian Heifer off Messrs James Kennedy, East Carngillan, the sale averaged £1421 -£139 on the week.

Leading Prices (per head)

HF Hfrs: £1800 East Carngillan £1720 Drumdow Hf Cows: £1400 South Barr

75 calves forward with all types slightly harder to cash on the week.

Leading Prices (per head):

Limx: £500 Gamesland £400 Broadhead £350 Kildarroch £300 Broomberry A/Ax: £455 Laigland Charx: £340 Overton Simx: £290 Blackwood Hex: £285 Gamesland B/Bx: £265 Bruntland £230 Coldwakening BSHx: £260 Pirleyhill

Leading Prices (per head) Heifers:

Hex: £400 Gamesland B/Bx: £395 Graystale Limx: £390 Graystale A/Ax: £240 South Milton Simx: £230 Auchans

36 Stirks sold with all types maintaining recent high rates.

Leading Prices (per head) Bullocks:

Limx: £880 & £850 Gass £800 Nether Ardroscadale £785 Gass Bsh: £780 Dunree Simx: £740 & £670 Nether Adroscadale A/Ax: £620 Auchtygemmell

Leading Prices (per head) Heifers:

Bbx: £790 Flenders Simx: £750 Glendoune Limx: £650 Holms of Dalrymple

154 Cast Cows & Bulls sold, a plainer show for quality, trade similar.

6 Bulls averaged 150.9p/kg

63 Beef Cows averaged 151.7p/kg

85 Dairy Cows averaged 126.4p/kg

Bulls topped at £1370 for a Limousin off Carbieston Mains or 162.6p/kg for a Friesian off Hallowshean, Beef Cows sold to £1220 for a Simmental off Laigland or 201.9p/kg for a British Blue off Longhouse (Cumnock) Dairy Cows peaked at £1270 for a Friesian off Auchencruive