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Craig Wilson Ltd, Livestock Auction Mart, Whitefordhill, Ayr had forward 2952 sheep, compromising 2310 Prime Lambs, 642 Cast ewes & Tups. Prime Lambs sold to a top price of 214p/kg for a pen of 43kg Beltex Lambs from M & R Currie, Westlands, Isle of Bute with the overall average being 187.2p/kg (+2.2p on the week). Lambs with flesh again sold easily whilst cleaner and tighter lambs met a similar trade to last week.

Lambs (leading Prices Per Head):

Beltex: £100 Laigh Boreland Suffolk: £97 Balminnoch Texel: £97 Lindayston Beltex Cross: £96 Laigh Boreland Suffolk Cross: £96 Sorn Mains Charolais: £95 West Enoch Continental: £95 Laigh Boreland & Sorn Mains Rouge: £95 & £94 Holms of Caaf Charolais: £93 Caprickhill & Baidlandhill Continental: £93 Ardoch (McDonals) £92 Westlands Halfbred: £91 Fortacres & Laigh Corton £90.50 High Kilbride £90 Newfield Blue Texel: £90 Guiltreehill & Hill of Ochiltree Mule: £77.50 Craig Blackface: 180.2 Knockdon

Lambs (Leading Price Per Kilo):

Beltex: 214.6 Westlands 208.7 Laigh Boreland Suffolk: 210.1 Arnsow 205.7 High Kilbride Texel: 209.3 Hill of Ochiltree Charolais: 204.6 Burton 200 Sorn Mains 198.9 Mid Lowes Continental: 204.6 Lanemark 200.5 Skeldon 198.8 Laigh Boreland 198.7 Lagg Rouge: 200.5 Guiltreehill 200 Laigh Boreland Halfbred: 198.1 Daljedburgh 198 Thirdpart 197.9 West Enoch 197.8 Laigh Corton Blue Texel: 197.5 High Craighead 197.4 Guiltreehill Mule: 180.2 Craig Blackface: 175.6 Knockdon

A larger show of 642 Cast ewes were forward with all classes dearer on the week. Top price today was £107 for a pen of Texel Ewes from Donald Walker & Son, Laigh Alticane, Pinwherry.

Cast Ewes (Leading Prices Per Head):

Texel: £107 Laigh Alticane £95 Mid Craigton £89.50 Longhouse £87.50 Broadshean Continental: £86.50 Longhouse £86 Muirside £85.50 Newfield £85 Muirside Rouge: £79 Broadshean 378 Drumullan £76 Muirside Charolais: £75 Fortacres £70.50 Muir Cheviot: £73.50 Laigh Alticane £73 Lawhill £73 Burnton Down: £70 Mid Craigton Mule: £64.50 Girtridge £63 Lawhill £62.50 Cochno Cross: £62 Muir & Cochno £61.50 Barnford £61 Nether Barr Blackface: £55.50 Brockloch £53.50 Laigh Alticane £52 Auchinmillanhill

Cast Tups sold to a top price of £90 for a pen of Texels from R Gault, Crookside.

newton stewart


1883 Prime & Cast Sheep Sold.

A good showing of Lambs met a steady trade throughout with the 1637 sold averaging 182.6p/kg with lean lighter Lamb types the only Lambs difficult to move. Top price per head of £102 was paid for a pen of heavyweight Beltex from Scott Young, Tormitchell. Scott’s second pen sold at £100 again for heavyweight Beltex. Beltex Lambs sold to 219.1p/kg from Scott Young, Tormitchell. Whilst Texel Lambs sold to 214.6p/kg from N Paterson, Little Ervie. Cast Sheep sold at last year’s rates peaking at £78 for Texel Ewes from C Old, Corhulloch. Tups peaked at £71 from A Clark, Fineview.

Lambs (Leading Prices Per Head):

Beltex: £102, £100, £92 & £88 Tormitchell Texel: £95 & 386 Crailloch, Port William £90 Boreland £88 Little Ervie £85 Cairnside £85 Fineview £84.50 Ashfield Suffolk: £86.50 & £84 Mains of Dhulloch £85 Gowlands £84 Gass, Kirkcowan & Baltersan Charolais: £83.20, £82 £81 Knockdaw Cross: £76 Little Torhouse £74 St Ninnians Lleyn: £74.20 Barwhanny

Lambs (Leading Prices Per Kilo):

Beltex: 219.1, 208.3 & 200 Tormitchell 210.5 & 192.3 Corhulloch 192 Quarry House Texel: 214.6 Little Ervie 200 Crailloch 195 Mindork 194.7 Drumblair 193.7 Millenderdale Suffolk: 186 & 182.9 Auchengallie 182.9 Moorpark of Barr 182.6 Mains of Dhulloch Charolais: 192.9 & 190.7 Knockdaw 181.8 High Ersock Cross: 175.1 Cairnhouse 174.5 Shennaton 174.4 Barlaughlan Lleyn: 181 Barwhanny

Cast Ewes (Leading Prices Per Head):

Texel Cross: £78 Corhulloch Cross: £64 Little Larbrax Blackface: £42 Bagbie Cheviot: £53.50 Little Larbrax

Cast Tups (Leading Prices Per Head):

Texel: £71 Fineview £70 Mains of Machemore Beltex: £69 Mains of Machemore



Messrs Craig Wilson Ltd., had forward 2101 sheep, comprising 1647 Prime Lambs 454 Cast Ewes & Tups. Prime Lambs sold to a top price of 215.9p/kg for a pen of 44kgs Beltex Lambs from J Dunn & Co, Martnaham Mains, Dalrymple with the overall average being 185.6p/kg (-1.8p on the week) Again 38-39kgs lambs proved harder to sell whilst heavier sorts met a similar trade to last week.

Leading Prices (per head) Lambs:

Beltex: £98 Sorn Mains £97 Laigh Boreland Texel: £96 Middleton (Kerr) £95 Garpin & Martnaham Mains Texel Cross: £95 Dykes (Hodge) & Caprickhill Beltex Cross: £95 Baidlandhill Charollais: £94 Caprickhill Continental: £94 Sorn Mains £92 Dykes (Hodge) Charollais Cross: £92 Caprickhill & Middleton Rouge: £92 Barmickhill £90.50 Garpin Rouge Cross: £90 Yonderton & Overmill Suffolk: £90 Sorn Mains & High Tarbeg Suffolk Cross: £90 Knockgerran & Meikle Heateth Continental Cross: £89.20 High Tarbeg £89 Middleton Half Bred: £88.50 Mansefield Mains

Leading Prices (per kilo) Lambs:

Beltex: 215.9p Martnaham Mains Texel: 206.4p Laigh Borland 204.7p Dykes (Hodge) 204.2p Sorn Mains Texel Cross: 202.1p Garpin 201.1p Mansefield Mains Beltex Cross: 200.0p Laigh Boreland Charollais: 200.0p Knockrevocklaw Continental: 200.0p Oxenshaw 200.0p Sorn Mains Charollais Cross: 200.0p Knockgerran 198.8p Laigh Boreland Rouge: 197.8p Laigh Boreland 197.5p Knockgerran Rouge Cross: 196.6p Hill Of Ochiltree 195.8p Caprickhill Suffolk: 195.7p Dykes 195.6p Baidlandhill Suffolk Cross: 195.4p Craigfin 195.2p Robstone Continental Cross: 195.2p Fleminghill 195.0p Muir (Watson) Half Bred: 194.6p Martnaham Mains

454 Cast Ewes &Tups were forward, all classes were cheaper on the week just as seen at other centres towards the end of last week. Top price today was £98 for a pen of Texel Ewes from J & K Forsyth, Glenside, Maybole

Leading Prices (per head) Ewes: Texel: £98 Glenside (Maybole) Beltex: £91 Dykes (Hodge) Texel Cross: £90 Glenside (Maybole) £88.50 Laight (Guild) Continental: £85 Cowgrove (Gibson) £82 Hill of Ochiltree Continental Cross: £79 Fleminghill £78 Little Carleith Rouge: £74 Auchenflower £73 Baidlandhill Rouge Cross: £73 Auchenflower Charollais: £70.50 Dalchomie £70 Kilpatrick (Stewart) Charollais Cross: £69 Fleminghill Half Bred: £67.50 Potterston Blueface L: £66.50 Assloss Suffolk: £66 Assloss Half Bred Cross: £66 Kings Arms Mule: £58.50

Little Creoch Dalchomie & Baidlandhill Cross: £56.50 Fleminghill £56 Kings Arms Auchmillanhill £55.50 Auchenflower Blackface: £46.50 Greenlaw £46 Pennymore & South Annan

Cast Tups sold to a top price of £92 for a pen of Texel Tups from Messrs JA Gibson & Co, Cowgrove, Galston.


Messrs Craig Wilson Ltd, sold 38 Prime Cattle

18 Heifers peaked at 256.5p/kg for a Limousin Cross from I Stewart, Challochmun, Glenluce to average 234.9p/kg, top grossing Heifer was a homebred Charolais from Messrs Strang, Temples, Eaglesham which cashed at £1422

Leading Prices (per head) Heifers: Lim: 256.5p Challochmun 253p Blairbowie 248p 245p Auchentibbert Char: 245.5p 239p Temples Sim: 239p 230p Auchentibbert B/Blue: 237p Silverigg

16 Steers sold to 254p/kg for a beauty of a Limousin Cross from I Stewart, Challochmun 16 Steers averaged 226p/kg

Leading Prices (per head) Steers:

Lim: 254p 248.5p Challochmun B/B: 247p 242p 238p Silverigg Sim: 238.5p 238p Temples B&W: 180p 172p Silverigg

6 Young Bulls peaked at 244.5p/kg for a Homebred Limousin Cross from Messrs Gibb, South Hourat, Dalry 6 Bulls averaged 207.5p/kg.

Leading Prices (per head) Bulls:

Lim: 244.5p 242p South Hourat Blonde: 204.5p Overton (Ayr) B&W: 177p Gateside

14 Dairy Cattle forward with a better show for quality on offer top price reached £2000 for a freshly calved Holstein Friesian Heifer off Messrs Neilson, East Brackenridge, the whole sale averaged £1587

Leading Prices (per head) HF Heifers:

£2000 East Brackenridge £1950 East Brackenridge £1800 Kepculloch

Leading Prices (per head) HF Cows:

£1600 (x2) Crookedstonemuir & Grange of Cree

87 Calves and Stirks with a poorer show for quality forward, poorer calves proved more difficult to cash, however good quality healthy, selling dearer on the week.

Leading Prices (per head) Calves Bulls:

Simx: £480 Graystale £430 Floors £395 Nether Pratis £360 & £340 Catcraig BBx: £475 Auchentibbert £330 Nether Braco Charx: £470 Cairnbowie Limx: £395 Boyack £295 Crookedstonemuir

Leading Prices (per head) Calves Heifers:

Sax: £440 Cairnbowie Limx: £410 Boyack £400 Graystale £380 & £310 Crookedstonemuir B/Bx: £350 East St Colmac Simx: £290 Catcraig

Leading Prices (per head) Stirks Bullocks:

Simx: £940 £850 Millenderdale Hex: £800 Millenderdale Limx: £780 Millenderdale £610 Rottenyard Bax: £750 Overton (Ayr)

Leading Prices (per head) Stirks Heifers:

Simx: £900 £860 Millenderdale Bax: £620 Overton (Ayr)

251 Cast Cows & Bulls sold, all classes sold at similar rates

9 Bulls averaged 145.60p/kg

122 Beef Cows averaged 131.2p/kg

120 Dairy Cows averaged 110.1p/kg

Bulls peaked at £1640 for a Saler off Mains of Penninghame or 209.2p/kg for a Limousin off Drumdow, Beef Cows sold to £1440 for a Limousin Cross off Holehouse (Ochiltree) or 212.8p/kg for an A/Angus off Craigenholly, Dairy Cows to £1160 for a Friesian off Lochwood or 163.9p/kg for a Montbeliarde off Cairnbowie, Clean Cattle topped at £1360 for a Charolais Bullock off Benston or 216.5p/kg for a Limousin Heifer off Lochwood

Leading Prices (per head) Bulls: