Market prices and reports


Monday, September 16

Messrs Craig Wilson Ltd, had forward 2211 sheep, comprising 1685 Prime Lambs 526 Cast Ewes & Tups. Prime Lambs sold to a top price of 193.5p/kg for a pen of 46kgs Beltex Lambs from Dykes Farm, Dykes, Auchinleck with the overall average being 162.8p/kg (+ 2.8p on the week) A smaller show of lambs were forward due to the adverse weather over the weekend which resulted in a sharper trade.

Leading Prices (per head) Lambs:

Beltex: £89 Dykes £88 Tormitchell Beltex Cross: £85 Fortacres Texel: £84.50 Howcommon £84 Low Holehouse Texel Cross: £82 Laigh Corton £80 Oldmill Continental: £80 Hill of Ochiltree Suffolk: £80 Balminnoch, Middleton (Kerr) Continental Cross: £80 Barmickhill Rouge: £80 Hartfield Half Bred: £79 Moorfield £78.80 Low Holehouse Charollais: £78 Burnton Suffolk Cross: £78 Balminnoch £77.50 Lowe Holehouse Cheviot: £77 Fortacres, Middleton (Kerr) Cheviot Cross: £76 Mossend (Thomson) Caprickhill

Leading Prices (per kilo) Lambs:

Beltex: 193.5p Dykes 187.2p Tormitchell Beltex Cross: 181.4p Burnton Texel: 179.1p Low Holehouse 178.3p Laigh Corton Texel Cross: 177.8p Barmickhill 173.9p Hill of Ochiltree Continental: 173.5p Fortacres Suffolk: 172.6p Tormitchell Continental Cross: 122.1p Tormitchell Rouge: 171.1p Broadshean Half Bred: 170.9p Tormitchell 170.0p Fleminghill Charollais: 168.8p Altewan Suffolk Cross: 168.6p Nether Culzean 168.2p Lanemark Cheviot: 168.1p Low Holehouse 167.9p Braodshean Cheviot Cross: 167.9p Burton

Less Ewes forward all classes were dearer on the week especially leaner ewes as there were a few farmers around the ring buying for futher keep. Top price today was £80 for a pen of Texel Ewes from HR & C Dalrymple, Kings Arms, Ballantrae

Leading Prices (per head) Ewes:

Texel: £80 Kings Arms £77 Keyshill Texel Cross: £74.50 Mid Craigton Suffolk: £72 Lochlands Continental: £70 Kings Arms & Birtlebog Continental Cross: £69 Lochlands £68 Balcaimie Rouge: £68 Girtridge £67.50 Keyshill Rouge Cross: £67 Dalreoch Half Bred: £66.50 Mains of Tig £65.50 Keyshill Half Bred Cross: £64 Knockewart Mule: £68 Girtridge £67 Lochlands £66 Mains of Tig Cross: £65.50 Keyshill £64 Knockewart £63 Kings Arms Blackface: £42 Upper Wellwood, Knockewart & Garpel £40 Ashmark £39 Ashmark

Cast Tups sold to a top price of £88 for a pen of Suffolk Tups from A Leek, Bellvue, Isle of Arran


Thursday, September 12

Messrs Craig Wilson Ltd, sold 631 Store Cattle at their sale in Ayr.

All classes sold dearer again with a large proportion of Dairy bred Cattle on show

310 Beef Bullocks averaged 225.9p/kg or £1003.42

127 Black & White Bullocks averaged 177.3p/kg or £865.87

194 Heifers averaged 219.6p/kg or £907.35

Top price of the day was £1600 for an A/Angus Bullock off Maryport or 268.4p/kg for a pen of Limousin Bullocks off Trees.

Heifers peaked at £1315 for a pair of Limousins off Pinvalley or 257.8p/kg for the same.

Friesian Bullocks to £1105 Cathkin or 206.5p/kg for the same

Leading Prices (per head) Bullocks:

A/Angus: £1600 Maryport £1320 Maryport £1290 Brockloch (N/C) £1280 Crookside £1200 Brieryside & Cairnhouse (Arran) £1150 Balsaggart £1120 High Logan & Waterside Limousin: £1460 Barleith £1380 Brockloch (N/C) £1340 & £1330 Carbieston Byres £1270 Bridgend £1250 Pinvalley £1220 High Tarbeg & South Craigton £1200 Helentongate £1180 Bogany £1170 Pinvalley £1160 Holehouse (Och) Simmental: £1405 Maryport £1260 Craigmine & Maryport £1185 Macmanniston Char: £1240 Waterside £1230 Helentongate £1195 Raithburn £1160 Helentongate £1125 Raithburn B/Blue: 31200 Bridgend £1160 Macmannisotn £1080 Lochside & Brieryside Luing: £1185 Altgolath Hfd: £1155 Altgolath Shorthorn: £1100 Shiel Friesian: £1105 Cathkin £1095 Crooks £1050 Helentongate Mont: £880 Bogany

Leading Prices (per kilo) Bullocks:

Lim: 268.4p Trees Sim: 259.7p Nether Ardroscadale Char: 258.6p Raithburn A/Angus: 253.9p Maryport Blonde: 242p Mossend Friesian: 206.5p Cathkin Mont: 211.8p North Twomark B/Blue: 229.7p Macmanniston Shorthorn: 231.9p Pirleyhill Hfd: 228.7p Altoglath

Leading Prices (per head) Heifers:

Lim: £1315 & £1255 Pinvalley £1215 Brockloch (N/C) £1200 Oldbarn £1195 & £1125 Brockloch £1120 High Tarbeg £1100 Oldbarn £1070 Pinvalley £1030 Carbieston Byres & Littlemill £1020 & £1000 Low Wexford £1000 Bridgend Char: £1155 & £1140 Waterside £875 Hallowshean £955 Waterside B/Blue: £1140 & £1130 Crookside £1040 Brieryside £930 Chipperlaggan A/Angus: £1115 Bogany £1100 Oldbarn & Laigh Drumdow £1080 Brieryside £1035 Broadhead £1020 Shiel £970 Bogany Sim: £1100 £1090 £1070 Maryport £1000 Bogany

Leading Prices (prices per kilo) Heifers:

Lim: 257.8p Pinvalley Char: 238.1p Waterside B/Blue: 232.7p Crookside Sim: 242.3p Bakc O Hill A/Angus: 228.8p Eastlands

956 Store Lambs with a large attendance of buyers present all classes were £2 to £3 dearer than last week and many more could have been sold to advantage. Top price today was £70 for a pen of Texel Lambs from Messrs J Ferguson, Moyne, Neilston with the overall average for everything being sold at £57.87 (+ £2.61 on the week)

Leading Prices (per head):

Texel: £70 Moyne Charollais: £69.50 Brisbane Mains Mule: £67 Middleton (McIntyre) Roussin: £64.80 Monkwood Mains Texel: £64 Nether Culzean Suffolk: £63.20 Nether Heilar Continental: £62 Nether Heilar Charollais Cross: £61.80 Brisbane Mains Beltex: £61 Smithston (Bothwell) Continental Cross: £61 Chapelton & Moyne Rouge: £60.50 Smithston (Bothwell) Beltex Cross: £60.50 Dalreoch Down: £60 Smithston (Bothwell) Cheviot: £59.50 Wee Catleton Cross: £59 Wee Carleton & Rankinston Blackface: £49.50 Holehouse (Menzies)


Tuesday, September 10

Messrs Craig Wilson Ltd., sold 55 Prime Cattle and Young Bulls, all classes sold well again

24 Beef Bullocks averaged 233.7p/kg or £1350.52

3 Friesian Bullocks averaged 172.5p/kg or £920.23

4 Bulls averaged 202p/kg or £1290.28

24 Heifers averaged 237.5p/kg or £1289.70

Top price of the day was 252p/kg for a smart Charolais Bullock off Temples Farm or £1639.05 for a Simmental off Holm of Bargrennan, Heifers topped at 250p/kg for a Charolais off Genoch Mains or £1506.25, Young Bulls to 230p/kg for a Simmental off Pinclanty or £1716.90 for a Simmental off Merkland, Kirkmichael

Leading Prices (per kilo) Heifers:

Char: 252p & 245p Genoch Mains 244p & 242p Dindinnie 241p & 240p Genoch Mains Lim: 247p Holmes (Drybridge) 244p Temples 240p Challochmun Blonde: 236p Holmes (Drybridge) B/Blue: 220p Silverigg

Leading Prices (per kilo) Bullocks:

Char: 252p Temples 248p & 232p Auchentibbert Lim: 250p Auchentibbert 245p Challochmun & Temples 242p Birkentop & Temples Sim: 237p Auchentibbert B/Blue: 236p Silverigg Friesian: 176p Silverigg

Leading Prices (per kilo) Bulls:

Sim: 230p Pinclanty Lim: 194p Mid Floak


41 Dairy Cattle, Bulls & Heifer Stirks at their September Friesian Sale, Champion Animal in the yard was a calved Heifer from Messrs J Hunter & Son, West Tarbrax and sold for 2350gns to the Judge Mr Ian Watson, Keyshill. Bulls sold to £2200 from Messrs Brocket, Park O Barnaigh to Messrs Smith, Low Wardneuk, Commercial Dairy to £2000 for a Friesian Calved Heifer off Muirhouses, Gatehead

13 Commercial Dairy Cows & Heifers averaged £1599.23

4 Pedigree Heifers averaged 2155gns

3 Pedigree Bulls averaged 2067gns

21 Heifer Stirks averaged £788.09

Pedigree Heifers (per head):

2420gns Grange of Cree 2350gns West Tarbrax 1950gns West Tarbrax 1900gns Tannockhil

Pedigree Bulls (per head):

2200gns & 2000gns (x2) Park O’Barnaigh

Commercial Dairy (per head):

Friesian Calved Hfrs: £2000 & £1950 Muirhouses £1700 South Lanridge, Nether Pratis & East Carngillan Friesian Calved Cows: £1780 Crookedstonemuir Ayrshire Calved Hfrs: £1700 & £1600 Badenheath Friesian Bulling Hfrs: £1000 & £940 Low Blackwoodyards Friesian Hfr Stirks: £410 & £400 (x2) Meikle Laught

112 Calves and Sitrks sold with Black & White Calves being a lot dearer on the week, however Beef Bred Calves still maintaining recent high rates.

Leading Prices (per head) Bulls:

Limx: £440 Graystale £360 Bruchag £355 & £260 Airtnoch Simx: £430 Broomberry £375 Bourtreebush £340 (x2) Nether Pratis £330 Catcraig £290 Bourtreebush A/Ax: £460 West Millrig £315 Merryton Charx: £440 Graystale Bsh: £390 (x5) Little Tongue £370 Dalwyne BBx: £350 & £295 West Tarbrax

Leading Prices (per head) Heifers:

Charx: £450 Baidlandhill £360 Baidlandhill Limx: £420 Bruchag B/Bx: £400 West Tarbrax Simx: £345 Bourtreebush A/Ax: £315 (x2) Graystale £310 Langdale £300 Merryton Shox: £300 Dalwyne

Leading Prices (per head) Bullock Stirks:

Simx: £790 Auchenroy Bsh: £735 Auchenroy B&W: £610 Meikle Heateth

Leading Prices (per head) Heifer Stirks:

Limx: £690 Maxwelston £550 Craig £530 Newfield


304 Cast Cows & Bulls sold

11 Bulls averaged 136.54p/kg

129 Beef Cows averaged 133.4p/kg

164 Dairy Cows averaged 105.3p/kg

Bulls topped at £1400 for a Friesian off Broadyards or 168.31p/kg for a Freisian off Coupn Carse, Beef Cows to £1400 for a B/Blue off A Kay, Gass or 226.8p/kg from J Adams, Halfmark, Dairy Cows sold to £1200 for a B&W off T Hainey, South Cairnweil or 176p/kg from M Forster, Challoch, Stranraer, Clean Cattle to £1210 for an Ayrshire Steer off Mr Blair, Wellstrand or 212p/kg from A Bothwell, Smithston

Leading Prices (per head) Bulls:

Fries: £1400 Broadyards Sim: £1290 & £1180 Dinnans £1200 Temples Char: £1250 Laight N/C Lim: £1150 Meoul

Leading Prices (per head) Cows:

B/B: £1400 Gass £1360 Cloquhairnan £1340 Holmes Lim: £1290 Creochhill £1270 Half Mark Sim: £1190 £1180 £1140 £1100 Genoch Mains Saler: £1200 £1150 Pinmore Mains A/A: £1220 Nether Culzean £1170 Downieston & Thirdpart Shorthorn: £1180 Downieston Gall: £990 Mains of Penninghame B & W: £1200 South Cairnweil £1150 Cruggleton £1120 Park of Barnaigh

Clean Cattle Heifers:

Lim: £1240 Smithston Sim: £1200 Mid Ascog Char: £1100 Temples


Ayrshire: £1210 Wellstrand B&W: £1170 Benston