Minishant WRI hear about the dark sky observatory

David Warrington, of the Scottish Dark Sky Observatory, Dalmellington, was introduced to the ladies of Minishant Rural by President Pearl Marr

The site of the observatory, at the edge of the Galloway Forest, was chosen because it is under some of the darkest skies in the UK and it is the first in the world to have a publicly available observatory.

Catering for all areas of astronomy, from amateur to professional and all age groups, it also features a mobile planetarium which provides an inspirational experience as close as possible to the “real thing”.

David whetted the ladies’ curiosity by showing what can be seen with the naked eye or with very basic equipment, literally on their doorsteps in these clear frosty evenings.

With more experience, amazing astrophotos can be produced which result in wonderful pictures of the stars and atmosphere.

Tuition in this branch is one of several activities available at the observatory. This facility is available to all and provides a range of packages to suit all ages and abilities.

Competitions winners were:

A flask of soup 1) Anne Walker 2) Jennie Wilson

A favourite handkerchief 1) Linda Don 2) June Rutter 3) Kate Banyard.