Missing out on the feast

One of the parables that Jesus told was of a wealthy man who invited a number of important people to a great feast.

However when the time came for the host to send out his servants to tell the invited guests that everything was ready and they should start making their way to his home, all of them began to make excuses about why they could not come.

When the host found this out he was furious and sent his servants to go out and about and invite instead all the poor and disadvantaged people they met.

Basically all the people that someone like him would not have been expected to invite.

The host was determined that his house would be full of people and that all the previously invited guests would get nothing from his table!

What was the purpose of this parable?

Well in the past God had invited people to listen to him. God had, down through the years, sent prophets to explain to the people how he wanted them to behave.

Sadly many of them did not listen.

They rejected these prophets and by doing that, they were rejecting God. God therefore decided that if his chosen people were not going to listen to him, then he would extend his invitation to others.

Jesus himself, when he was on earth, spent a lot of time doing what he could for people that many of the religious people of the day had little time for.

The original guests could have come and enjoyed the feast.

The fact that they missed out, was nobody’s fault but their own.