New quiz show for teatime

Gethin Jones will be the presenter of the 21st Question.
Gethin Jones will be the presenter of the 21st Question.
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The five to six o’clock slot on BBC1 and ITV has of late become the home of quiz shows.

BBC1 has Pointless which only lasts for forty five minutes while The Chase on ITV lasts for a full hour.

The Chase is taking a break for two weeks starting on Monday and in its place will be a new quiz show.

I think that it is a good idea to try out new formats because no matter how good a quiz show is, I do think that it is appreciated more if it is rested from time to time.

The new show is hosted by Gethin Jones who has had experience of presenting many shows including Blue Peter and the quiz show Sell Me The Answer.

Only ten episodes have been commissioned so far, although it is likely that if it proves to be popular, then more will be commissioned later.

There are eleven contestants in each edition and only twenty one questions.

At the start of the programme the contestants compete with one another to find out who is going to be the first one to occupy the Power Spot and which position in the queue each of the other players will take up.

The player in the Power Spot then has to take on a challenge from each of the players in the queue in turn, with the one winning each time either remaining in the Power Spot or else taking it over.

The aim of the game is to be in the Power Spot when Gethin asks the twenty first question.

That person will then get the opportunity of winning up to forty thousand pounds.

However like many quiz shows these days, it is possible for the ‘winner’ to actually leave with nothing.

Ian K