New quiz show hitting the top ten

Warwick Davis presents new quiz show Tenable
Warwick Davis presents new quiz show Tenable

This week saw the appearance of another new daily afternoon quiz show at three o’clock on ITV. Warwick Davis - the most recent host of Celebrity Squares - is the presenter of Tenable.

The premise is very simple and it is based on the idea of Top Tens. These Top Tens can come from a whole range of different subjects and each day a team of five have to individually complete five different Top Tens.

These team members know each other – perhaps they are friends, workmates or family members. Each team member in turn is given a Top Ten to find such as - The First Ten Actors to Play Doctor Who on Television. If they can find five correct answers then they win £1,000 to add to the prize fund. If they can find more than five then each additional answer earns them more and more money. If they can find all ten then £25,000 goes into the prize fund.

They can make one mistake – but make two and they leave the team. The Team Captain can press the buzzer and substitute an answer if he/she believes that an answer in incorrect. Over the five games, three answers could be passed to another team member to answer.

The remaining team members then compete in a sixth game together– filling in the answers in turn. If they get an answer wrong then they leave.

If all ten right answers have been given and there is still at least one member left, then the team wins the money that they have banked.

In common with many modern game shows it is extremely difficult to win anything and it takes quite a long time to reveal if a correct answer has been given. However it is a pleasant enough way to spend an hour.

Ian K