New soap starts on the BBC

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It would be fair to say that for most viewers their favourite form of drama is the soap opera.

This is a continuing series of storylines which often go on for many years with no end in sight. Of course some soap operas have come and gone such as Weavers’ Green and United!

While others like Coronation Street and Emmerdale have been on for decades. This coming Monday at a quarter to two in the afternoon there is a new soap opera appearing on BBC1 called Red Rock. It centres on a harbour town some miles away from Dublin.

The drama begins when a young man is found badly injured. His plight sees a long dormant feud between two local families resurfacing. One of the families is the Kielys who used to be trawler men but who are now involved in petty crime. The other major family is the Hennessys. They are the wealthy family and own many of the local businesses.

The drama is told from the point of view of the officers from the local Garda station where the men and women there police the surrounding area. This programme was originally shown in Ireland in 2015 and won some awards. It is being shown here in double length episodes each weekday afternoon.

It is an evening show in Ireland and personally I feel that some of themes are not entirely suitable in the timeslot that it has been given, especially during the school holidays. It is on for the next eight weeks and at the end of that time all of the first two seasons will have been shown.

There will be a new third season starting in Ireland in the autumn. Will it gain an audience here? We will just have to wait and see.

Ian K