No neat conclusions in life every time

When we were very young many of the stories we enjoyed reading – or hearing – were ones that concluded with the words ‘and they all lived happily ever after.’

Before that though the heroes and heroines of the stories had had to encounter various problems and challenges as they sought to attain some goal or other. And when we heard these words, we were usually pleased. Satisfied that they had been able to attain happiness – even if it was at some cost to themselves.

Because invariably things that are worth achieving are usually only attained if some sacrifice or other has to be made in the process.

At its core, Christianity is about the most wonderful person of all – Jesus – making the biggest sacrifice possible for all of us.

Most of us like it when there is a definite conclusion to a story that we have invested in. I was recently watching an old TV serial where the viewers were left to decide for themselves if the hero triumphed or was defeated. You were just not sure because of the way the programme had been directed.

Some people no doubt were somewhat annoyed that they were not given a clear and unambiguous conclusion. But real life does not always produce neat conclusions either. However most people will say that they like happy endings in fiction, because that is what they hope is going to happen in their own lives.

They hope that despite all the heartache and pain that human beings have to undergo at certain times in their lives, there will be a happy ending of sorts for them at the various stages of their lives. But that usually means that they have to have a right attitude to God, to life and to other people.