Now there’s online a help to cook a turkey

A recent survey of 1000 people commissioned by British Turkey showed that 76% choose a turkey for Christmas lunch, but for some people cooking the turkey can be a source of stress and worry. Whether you have never cooked a turkey before, have extra people coming, or just want to impress the in-laws with a perfectly succulent bird, the British Turkey Information Service is here to help.

It is actually very easy to achieve a delicious golden turkey and have a calm Christmas morning if you follow some simple guidelines ahead of the big day. Visit to find out everything you need to know - from what size turkey to buy, defrosting and cooking times, a guide to stuffing and carving, recipes and some great tips. 25% of those surveyed purchase their turkey early, which will help keep you a step ahead and why not divide up some tasks? 50% said the Mum takes care of the main cooking and 47% said the Dad always carves. Even little things like this will leave you feeling less pressured.

In the unusual event you can’t find the help you need on the website, this year there will be a new ‘Live Chat’ function where you can send an instant message to the British Turkey Information Service team who will be standing by to answer your queries. This will operate weekdays 9am-5pm from 1st December until Christmas Eve.

It doesn’t stop there, if you haven’t got the internet, call the Freephone helpline 0800 793 9994 which is open for the same period as the ‘Live Chat’. Just remember – they can only help with turkeys - enquiries about other meats, holidays to Istanbul, the names of Santa’s reindeer etc cannot be answered!!

Whatever you are concerned about, if you follow the advice available you are sure to have a stress-free and very Happy Christmas.