Nurse raises £2000 for Nepal

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Maybole’s Adella McCulloch, 20, is a second year nurse at Glasgow Caledonian University and is extremely passionate about her career.

In January, she was chosen by her university to travel to New York to find out about health care and international Nursing.

She told us: “It was an amazing opportunity both for my career and for me personally. My passion was further driven when I heard about a volunteering trip to Nepal from July 7 until July 28 this year.

“As it has always been a childhood dream of mine to volunteer abroad, I signed up for this trip and since then I have been fundraising for the Future Sense charity who will be supporting me on this trip. FutureSense Foundation works for the benefit of disadvantaged communities around the world, and I will be supporting their efforts both as a fundraiser and as a volunteer during the expedition.

“In order for me to go on this trip the FutureSense foundation have requested that I raise £2,000 to show my dedication towards the charity. The money raised will go towards those in disadvantaged communities in the capital of Nepal, Kathmandu.”

Adella added: “Despite the beauty of the country surrounded by the Himalayas, Nepal faces many development challenges including healthcare and health education offered to children, teenagers and young women.

“Schools in Nepal have limited resources and there is generally no curriculum for health education.

“Through this programme I will provide health education to the youth of Nepal, as well as the wider community and at the same time improve spoken English.”

If anyone would like to contribute towards her fundraising they can contact Adella personally or donate to her virgin money page -

Or email her at

The FutureSense Foundation is a charity registered in the UK that supports community development in some of the poorest regions of the world.

They partner and work with over 100 non-profit organisations to support volunteer work across four continents.

The charity work targets education, child welfare and livelihoods as a means to address a range of development issues.

The foundation is a charity fundraising organisation, which provides financial support for community development projects overseas. Through its collaboration with other FutureSense brands, the Foundation also provides human resources in the form of career break and gap year volunteers. With an emphasis on meaningful and responsible volunteering abroad, the FutureSense Foundation supports marginalised individuals and communities