Paddy aims for a new benchmark

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This week has seen the arrival of another new afternoon game show to our screens. Its usual slot will be at 4pm on Channel 4 (although this week there is no show on Friday and one on Saturday at a later time).

Benchmark is hosted by Paddy McGuinness who interacts well with the contestants.

The show begins with a competition between two of the eleven contestants to see which one will play the ‘game’ that day.

The object of the game is to win as much money as possible up to £25,000.

The remaining ‘benchmarkers’ have to answer a question such has ‘How much does the average British man spend on Valentine’s Day?’ where the answer is always a number.

The three most widely out answers are discounted and it is the average of the remaining ones that is the ‘benchmark.’

The player has to decide whether the correct answer is higher or lower than the ‘benchmark’. If the player is correct, then the player moves forward along a grid which has a number of amounts of money on it. If the player is wrong, then the highest amount of money no longer becomes a possible win.

The final three questions require the player to provide the correct number to each question.

Depending on how far out the player is from the correct answer, will determine how much money (if any) is won.

The ‘benchmarker’ who overall is furthest out in their answers leaves the show to be replaced by a new contestant; while the two with the best set of answers take part in the opening contest the following day.

The show has possibilities, but a lot depends on the quality of the questions. As it stands it could have quite a reasonable run.

Ian K.