Paul makes a teatime return

The last time I saw Paul O’Grady on television he was hosting the Cilla special a few weeks ago.

However from next Monday Paul will be returning each weeknight from five o’clock to six o’clock with his teatime show.

Originally screened on ITV in 2004, it moved to Channel 4 but is now back on ITV again. Originally a teatime programme hosted by the man who for years was Lily Savage, seemed a rather unlikely success despite the fact that Paul did extremely well when he stood in for Des O’Connor on the lunchtime Des and Mel Show.

However Paul immediately became a huge success with all age groups. His shows featured interviews with celebrity guests, games, music, laughs and the dogs Buster and Olga. However four years ago Paul called time on his show. There was a late night version but it did not seem to have the magic of the earlier programme.

Now almost four years after his last teatime show, Paul returns for a new five week run. Will this version prove to be as successful as the previous ones?

Paul’s recent programmes set in Battersea Dogs’ Home were incredibly successful and have proved how popular Paul is with the public. No doubt dogs will continue to feature prominently in the new series and so long as the guests are entertaining and Paul continues to have a variety of surprises along the way, then there is no doubt that it will be successful again.

I feel that Paul is a particularly good chat show host as he seems not only to be interested in what his guests have to say, but he also genuinely likes them too. Monday’s guests are Louis Walsh, Helen Worth and The Saturdays while Tuesday’s are Alan Carr and Sir. Cliff Richard.

Ian K