Pet show winners in Girvan

Alfie, a Springer Spaniel pup with his owner Bryony.
Alfie, a Springer Spaniel pup with his owner Bryony.

Girvan & District Attractions & Entertainment Associations (Girvan Attractions) held the annual Girvan Pet Show recently.

The competition was judged by representatives of rescue dog charity, Ailya Says and supported by Girvan Pet Store.

The results were as 

1 Any pet under 12 months

1st Susan/Annie 2nd Michaela/Max 3rd Joshua/Sherman

2 Prettiest Bitch

1st Courtney/Bonnie 2nd Ronnie/Skye Joint 3rd Susan/Annie Joint 3rd Kimberly/Meg

3 Handsome Dog 1st Sam/Bruno 2nd Katie/Frank 3rd Bryony/Alfie

4 Handler under 14yrs

1st Abbey/Ben 2nd Poppy/Pirelli 3rd Katie/Snuggles

5 Any variety not a dog

1st Katie/Snuggles (Hamster)

6 Looks most like owner

1st Tony/Archie Joint 2nd Katie/Frank Joint 2nd Ronnie/Skye 3rd Katie/Frank

7 6 Best legs

1st Ronnie/Skye 2nd Sam/Bruno 3rd Tony/Archie

8 Most appealing expression

1st Tony/Archie 2nd Michaela/Max 3rd Katie/Snuggles

9 Waggiest Tail

1st Kimberly/Mag 2nd Robyn/Harris 3rd Abbey/Ben

10 Judge would like to take home

1st Michelle/Olly 2nd Fiona/Dillion 3rd Katie/Frank