Pinwherry WRI meets for new session in 2014

President Mrs Wyllie welcomed everyone to the first meeting of the new Pinwherry WRI session.

Apologies were received from Grace Dunlop before minutes were read and approved.

Invitations were received from Colmonell, Ballantrae and Straiton rurals.

Mrs Wyllie then introduced Mrs McCulloch and Mrs Kathleen Eaglesham.

Kathleen made tomato and coconut soup while Hazel and Mrs McCullooch had made tablet and lantern tray bake which everybody tasted. Kathleen kept the audience entertained with her stories of her pupils at Girvan Academy.

Mrs Wyllie proposed a vote of thanks to the family for an entertaining evening.

Competition results: 1. Bookmark: 1st Jean Wyllie. 2nd Margaret Hair 3rd. Pat Guthrie.

Competition Two: Vase of wild flowers. 1st Margaret Hair. 2nd Annie Walker. 3. Elizabeth Ferguson.

Next meeting will be Mrs M.Jeans on her trip to Kilimanjaro.

Competitions will be a small jar of lemon curd and a photo of Ailsa Craig.

Mrs Wyllie welcome five and a half tables to the Pinwherry WRI whist drive.

Mrs Tait presented prizes to 1st Ladies: Irene McCrae, 2. B McFadzean. 3rd Anne Robertson. Consolation Beth Blain.

Gents: 1st: Jan Campbell. 2. John Mullen. 3rd Grace Dunlop. Consolation Margaret Robertson.

After raffles were drawn Mrs Wyllie thanked everyone for coming