Prepared to make sacrifices for the one you love

Family Fortunes is still a popular television game show. These days those taking part are celebrities and their families, but when it begun the only celebrity there was Bob Monkhouse, the show’s original host.

The format now is the same as it always was, in that family members have to guess the most popular answers that members of the public gave when given a question.

So, for example, if 100 people were asked to ‘name a popular saint’ the families would have to come up with their most popular answers to win points.

If that question was asked today I wonder what the most popular answers would be. No doubt some of the patron saints such as Andrew would be on the list. Then perhaps one of the other better known disciples of Jesus such as James, John, Matthew or Thomas. I would think that some people might go for St. Francis of Assisi - the rich man who rejected a life of luxury in order to care for the poor. I

would also rather suspect that St. Valentine might also be on the list. After all, will many people not be celebrating his Day this Friday?

I wonder though how many people know who the historical Valentine was. It is believed that he was a priest who ended up in prison because he believed in marriage and he kept on conducting weddings even although the Emperor, for his own reasons, had banned them. Although many people supported Valentine he was later put to death because he stood by his Christian faith. When we think of Valentine we think of love. And if someone loves someone else then they are prepared to make sacrifices for them. Just as God was, because he loves us all.