Prime sheep sale at Ayr

Messrs Craig Wilson Ltd., had forward 1489 Prime sheep, including 87 New Season Lambs, 951 Prime Hoggets, 451 Cast Ewes & Tups at Ayr market on Monday April 23.

Prime Lambs sold to a top price of 253.5p/kg for a pen of 43kgs Suffolk Cross Lambs from Messrs JY Barclay & Co, Mid Brockloch, Maybole with the overall average being 223.6p/kg (+ 6.3p on the week) Prime Hoggets sold to a top price of 225.1p/kg for a pen of 30kgs Texel Hoggets from Messrs A C Kerr, Ballykillet, Millport with the overall average being 189.3p/kg (+ 11.2p on the week) SSQ Hogets 39-45.5kgs (685) averaged 199.6p/kg (+ 8.9p on the week)

Leading Prices (per head) Lambs:

Suffolk: £114 Mid Brockloch Texel: £111 Laigh Langcraig £110 Assloss & Mid Brockloch Continental: £110 Laigh Langcraig & Castleton Beltex: £109 Mid Brockloch £108 Assloss Suffolk Cross: £107.50 Almont £106 Assloss & Mid Brockloch Rouge: £105 Blairbowie & Laigh Langcraig

Leading Prices (per kilo) Lambs:

Suffolk: 253.5p Mid Briockloch Texel: 244.4p Castleton 244.2p Blairbowie Continental: 244.1p Blairbowie 240.9p Mid Brockloch Beltex: 240.1p Assloss & St Murray Suffolk Cross: 239.3p Whinpark 238.9p Almont Rouge: 238.6p Laigh Langcraig 235.2p Almont

Leading Prices (per head) Hoggets:

Texel: £101 Woodgreen £99 Balcaimie Texel Cross: £97 Glenside £95 Balcaimie Suffolk: £95 Sorn Mains Continental: £94 Carsloe Continental Cross: £92.50 High Grange Rouge: £92 Balcaimie £91 Woodgreen Cheviot: £90.50 Glenauchie £90.20 Dalmorton Cheviot Cross: £90 Drumdow Charollais: £89.50 Kirkhill Suffolk Cross: £89.20 Murkirk House £89 Low Holehouse Down: £88.50 Glenauchie Blackface: £88 Creochhill £85.20 Laigh Langcraig £84 Oaklea £83 Low Drumclog Mule: £85.50 Perryston £84.20 Kirkhill

Leading Prices (per kilo) Hoggets:

Texel: 225.0p Ballykillet 217.5p Ravenslie Texel Cross: 216.7p Torbeg Texel Cross: 216.7p Carsloe Suffolk: 214.9p Creochhill Continental: 214.7p Carlung Continental Cross: 214.7p West Auchenlongford Rouge: 212.9p Ballykillet 212.2p Threepwood Cheviot: 212.2p Carsloe 212.1p Clinchyard Cheviot Cross: 210.2p High Grange Charollais: 209.7p Perryston Suffolk Cross: 209.3p Drumdow 209.2p Glenauchie Down: 208.2p Drumdow Blackface: 216.7p Torbeg 214.9p Creochhill 214.7p Carlung & West Auchenlongford Mule: 191.6p Perryston 185.9p Perryston

451 Cast Ewes & Tups were forward with a better show of quality Ewes forward all classes were £2 to £3 sharper on the week with the top price being £125 for a pen of Texel Ewes from Messrs R Anderson & Son, Oldwalls, Galston. All ewes sold today averaged £79.29 (+ £4.18 on the week)

Leading Prices (per head) Ewes:

Texel: £125.50 Oldwalls £120.50 Oldwalls Suffolk: £118 Mid Brockloch £114 Mid Brockloch Texel Cross: £112.50 Caprickhill £112 North Lodge Continental: £110 Burnbank Continental Cross: £110 Mid Brockloch Halfbred: £108 Glenside Cheviot: £108 Guiltreehill Mule: £95 Little Creoch £95 Campbeltown £92 Woodgreen Cross: £90 Thorn, Cloquhairnan & Little Creoch Blackface: £79 Campbeltown £77 Mossend & Redwells £75 West Auchenlongford

Cast Tups were a good steady trade selling to a top price of £160 for a pen of Texel Rams from Messrs WM Carmichael, Macmanniston

Texel Tups: £160 Macmanniston Texel Cross Tups: £130 Netherton Continental Tups: £128 Caprickhill Suffolk Tups: £110 Low Holehouse &