Professor to entertain on Xmas Eve

I must say that I was rather disappointed when I looked through the Christmas Radio Times. While it was full of programmes, very few of them interested me.

However there was one programme which did look interesting and will be screened on BBC1 on Christmas Eve at half past eight. It is called The Incredible Adventures ofProfessor Branestawm.

I remembered that there had been an ITV children’s series of that name back in 1969 made in monochrome and starring Jack Woolgar.

Unfortunately none of it currently survives in the archives. That series, like this new one hour film, was inspired by the series of thirteen books written by Norman Hunter about the character of Professor Branestawm. Interesting enough Norman wrote two books in the 1930s and then returned to his character for another eleven books from1970 onwards. Professor Branestawm is an absent minded inventor. In the course of the books he creates a large number of inventions. Unfortunately they do not work out the way that he intended and mayhem ensues. The Professor has a housekeeper called Mrs. Flittersnoop and a best friend called Col. Dedshott who are involved inhis adventures. The person who invariably saves the day is a girl called Connie. The writer of this screenplay is famous writer and actor Charlie Higson who also puts in an appearance as the Mayor. In this episode there are two characters who are keen to get the Professor removed from town so that they can replace his workshop with a munitions factory. There are a number of famous comedians in the film including Ben Miller, David Mitchell Simon Day and Harry Hill. Harry in his first proper acting role stars as the Professor. A role he was really born to play.

Ian K