Promoting inclusion at Gardenrose Primary

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Pictured above are the senior pupils at Gardenrose Primary in Maybole.

The Gardenrose Inclusive group’s aims are to promote inclusion and raise awareness of various types of disability/conditions etc.

Around 700,000 people have autism in the UK and the school wanted to raise awareness to parents, pupils and staff.

Every class had lessons on this, the Gardenrose Inclusive group gave presentations and all pupils competed in the poster competition.

This week has raised awareness among the pupils about what Autism is and how it affects people, they are now aware Gardenrose is an Autism-friendly school.

Many of the pupils work pink and purple, the National Autistic Society colours, and raised over £100 for the Society.

Pupils said that they had not heard about the condition before and had enjoyed their learning experience. Reece said: “I had never heard of Autism before. It was new to me and I’ve learned a lot about it.”

Lucy said: “I liked the quizzes which helped us understand what Autism is.”

Charlie said: “ People with Autism should get respected like other people in the world.”