Put your faith into action

Most of us have things that we are really interested in. Some of these interests we have had for a long time and we continue to get something positive out of them throughout our lives.

Some of these interests we can become quite skilful at because by devoting time to them we can, with practice, perfect our talents. However there are people who discover that they find it quite difficult to maintain an interest in anything much over a period of time and soon become bored with any interest they adopt.

They may suddenly decide not to continue with it because something more exciting has caught their eye – until in time they also get rather bored with that.

With all the different ways people can choose to spend their time these days, there are some people who feel that they want to try out as many different interests as possible. However some people soon discover that this huge range of possibilities has its own drawbacks as it can be rather difficult to commit to any, because there is always the possibility of something more exciting turning up.

And that is one of the challenges that religion faces these days. For someone to really grow in the faith they have decided to follow, they need to commit to that faith. They need to invest time on their faith. They need to allocate a reasonable proportion of their time each week to reflecting on their chosen way of life. This often means that they need to spend time worshipping God along with likeminded people. They also need to think about their faith and put their faith into action. And that usually means doing what they can to make the lives of those around them better.