Remembering Jesus at this Easter time

The people of Jesus’ time, who had followed him since he had begun his teaching, must have seen Good Friday as being a particularly tragic and disappointing day.

Many of them would have thought that perhaps one day Jesus might have ended up being their ruler. And there he was instead nailed to a cross. Why had it happened?

One of his friends had betrayed him. The religious leaders of the time were jealous of him and were determined to have him killed. A crowd which could have freed Jesus, decided not to. The Roman governor was too weak to stand up for what he knew was right. All these factors played a part in Jesus’ death. On Friday Jesus was laid to rest in Joseph’s tomb. On the Saturday, no doubt Jesus’ disciples wondered what was going to happen next. Would they end up being arrested too? How would they spend the rest of their lives?

And then on the Sunday morning they received the good news. Some of the women followers who had been to the tomb had discovered that the stone at the entrance had been rolled away. The tomb was empty. Jesus was no longer there. And one of the women, Mary Magdalene, reported to the disciples that she had seen Jesus alive! Later on Jesus appeared to most of his disciples. Immediately it was all change. Their sadness turned to joy. They knew that with Jesus’ resurrection, death was no longer something for them to be afraid of. They knew that if they believed and had faith in Jesus, then there would be a life beyond the grave for them. What could be a more exciting piece of news to receive than that? I hope that you have a very happy Easter.