Remembering our blessings

Recently we have been having particularly sunny weather. I hope that you have been enjoying it.

After all we do spend quite a lot of our time each year complaining about the weather. I dare say that most of us when we step outside our houses and see that it is raining, moan about it, wishing that it was sunny.

However I wonder how many of us when we get a sunny day, after a little while start complaining about it being too hot. If we find ourselves tempted to do that, then perhaps we should stop and ask ourselves what it is that we really want. There are some people who tend to complain quite a lot and seem rarely to be happy about anything.

I feel that if instead of looking for the negative in any given situation, then perhaps if we tried to concentrate on the positive, then we might be more at peace with ourselves in the long term. Now of course there are certain situations where there are no positives at all.

However, if in the main we are prepared to stop for a moment before we start listing our complaints and think instead about what we are contented with, then perhaps we will begin to see that although we may not have all the things we want, we are all incredibly fortunate. This is especially true when we consider the problems that some people who share our planet with us, have to put up with on a regular basis.

Therefore it would be better not only praying to God when things are difficult for us, but also spending time in prayer thanking God when things are going well for us and when we remember the blessings we receive from him each day.