Road rage at price at pumps

MORE than 9 out of 10 UK motorists feel ripped off by the current cost of fuel and nearly 90 per cent worry that prices will continue to escalate.

Car insurance firm Admiral surveyed more than 3000 drivers this summer as part of its annual Survey of Motorists, and the results, announced today, revealed the British public’s idea of a fair price for fuel is more than 50 pence cheaper per litre than the current average spend.

Now standing at £1.40 for unleaded and £1.44 for diesel, the driving public instead identified 92p for unleaded and 94p for diesel as a fair price - and 42 per cent said they would consider protesting publically about the cost of fuel.

But as for the reasons behind high prices at the pump the majority of repondants blamed the UK government, with more than three quarters opting for the current administration as the root of the problem.

More than 70 per cent even agreed they believe the Government is trying to price motorists off the road with duty and VAT.

Oil companies also came under fire from the public as 41 per cent blamed them for the cost of their fuel, while 25 per cent went for world affairs out of their control, and 20 per cent for petrol retailers.

Sue Longthorn, Admiral managing director, said: “The cost of fuel is certainly having an impact on the motoring public as over half have reduced the amount of driving they do due to the cost of fuel while two fifths have had to cut back on essential spending in order to be able to afford fuel.

“I’m sure no one wants to see a repeat of the scenes in recent years of petrol stations running dry and enormous queues,” she added.