Rotary club hunt nurdles

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The Rotary Club of Girvan were very fortunate recently to have been included in a Nurdle Training Day in Millport at the Millport Marine Research Centre.

The weather was just great and Millport looked at its best.

The aim of the training day was to send Ayrshire people out on to their beaches to hunt for Nurdles. What are Nurdles? Nurdles are small plastic pellets which, when melted together , are used by industry to make nearly all our plastic products.

How do they get into the sea? By spillage either in transport or at the factory.

The training was in preparation for the ‘Great Clyde Nurdle Quest, which was looking for volunteers who would search the beach and count how many nurdles they saw so that the number of nurdles on the Ayrshire beaches could be established.

During the training the course member went down to Kames Bay in Millport to look at 80 metres of beach and count the nurdles. Alistair Wallace of Girvan Rotary Club found just over 60, and so did everybody else. Now it’s the true test – on to our local beaches to have a look over the next 4 weeks or so, to see what we can find. Nurdles are smaller than a lentil so you have to be sharp eyed. However after you find your first one, its all go. Girvan Rotary Club hope to survey part of Girvan and Turnberry beaches and Maidens beach.