Scotland’s Ice Age comes to Ayrshire

Colin Ballantyne on Spitsbergen
Colin Ballantyne on Spitsbergen

One of Scotland’s leading glaciologists, Professor Colin Ballantyne of St Andrews University, will speak in Ayr as part of the RSGS Inspiring People talks series, in partnership with Tiso, on 26th October.

Professor Ballantyne’s talk will cover how a mere 12,000 years ago, Loch Lomond was occupied by a huge glacier, the last in a series of ice sheets and glaciers that waxed and waned across Scotland over the 2.5 million years of the Pleistocene Epoch. No part of the Scottish landscape has escaped the effects of successive Pleistocene glaciations, which were responsible not only for creating the spectacular glacial scenery of the Western Highlands but also for depositing the sediments that mantle the Scottish Lowlands and form the fertile parent materials of Scottish soils.

Colin Ballantyne is Emeritus Professor in Physical Geography at St Andrews University, and visiting Professor at UNIS on Svalbard and at the University of Canterbury in New Zealand. He has devoted much of his career reconstructing the dimensions and dynamics of former glaciers in the Highlands.

Tickets are free to RSGS members, students and U18s. Tickets for Tiso Cardholders are £8 and non-members/visitors £10. At the door or the RSGS website.