Sean is on the Rebound on ITV

Another new TV game show has started this week in the five o’clock slot on ITV.

Interestingly enough it has some elements of the show that it is replacing – there are multiple choice questions and the contestants have to avoid being caught.

However this time it is by the Rebound bar of light which moves across the playing area during the various parts of the game. The host of this show is Sean Fletcher who is a member of the Good Morning Britain presenting team.

He is not someone whose work I have seen before, but I thought that he was a good host. There are six contestants. The game begins with the Fast Cash round where they are asked the same three questions with four options.

If they answer the question correctly, then the quicker they have keyed in their answer, the more money they amass. Then there are three head to head rounds where two players have to play against each other.

They have three ‘lives’ and if they get a question wrong or do not answer quickly enough, then they lose a ‘life.’ The winners add the losing player’s cash to their own totals. They then get a chance to answer five questions to build up more cash. Then in the Stop the Bar round they have keep on answering questions correctly and quickly enough, to stop being caught by the rebound bar.

The last one left then has to answer fifteen questions correctly from three out of six categories, before the ‘bar’ catches them. If they succeed, then all the money that has been amassed is theirs.

The game is an enjoyable enough watch, but too much of the chat with the contestants was about why they gave the answers they did.

Ian K