Shalloch Mill footway complete

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Amey on behalf of Transport Scotland have recently completed work on a £180,000 footway adjacent to the carriageway at Shalloch Mill, near Girvan. This has created a safer route for local pedestrians and a complete footway link between Girvan and Woodland Bay.

Almost 2,800 tonnes of rock armour has been placed along the shore in front of the existing sea wall to allow the 166 metre length footway to be constructed.

The shoreline at this location is part of the Girvan to Ballantrae coast section Site of Special Scientific Interest (SSSI); renowned for its geological importance. Due to this, Scottish Natural Heritage (SNH) had been consulted regularly throughout the design and construction of the footway.

Colin Mackenzie, operating company representative said: “The second phase of these essential works has created a safer passageway for pedestrians and it now means that there is complete footway between Girvan and Woodland Bay. Previously, pedestrians had to walk on the beach or on this busy section of road.”