Shh! - Don’t tell the bride it’s on BBC1

While most television programmes remain on the same channel all their televisual lives there are some that do move channels.

This Wednesday at eight o’clock on BBC1, there is a new series of an old favourite of many BBC3 viewers.

Don’t Tell the Bride first began on that channel on November 2007 and has lasted for eight seasons and several specials. As later in the year BBC3 is due to stop being a television channel and instead become an online presence, it is understandable that BBC bosses want to see if its most popular programmes could transfer to another channel.

The format of the show remains largely the same. A soon-to-be married couple are separated from each other for three weeks.

In that time the bridegroom is put in charge of the wedding and has to decide on its theme. He – with the help of his best man/men- has to make all the arrangements. He has to find a venue; arrange the catering; buy ‘the dress ’ and the outfits for all the wedding party; buy the rings; organise the stag and hen nights; arrange the transport and so forth.

The bridegroom now has £14,000 to pay for everything. The brides in this series are now in the thirty to fifty five age group, with some of them having children and grandchildren. In the course of this series of six episodes, there will be a big top wedding; a Guns ‘N Roses Themed Day wedding; a theatrical cruise ship wedding; a London nightclub wedding; and a movie premiere inspired wedding. The big question at the heart of this rather illuminating and interesting series is – how successful can a wedding be without the direct input of the bride, her family and her friends?

Ian K