Shimmer’s stocking fun to help charity

You might think it’s too early to start thinking about Christmas but not in Shimmer Wool and Crafts world.

The shop in Girvan is urging customers, listeners of West FM, local businesses and the general public to hand make Christmas stockings as part of their Christmas appeal to raise funds for the charity Cash For Kids.

Over the next few months Shimmer hope that as many talented crafters as possible will knit, crochet, sew or stitch beautiful stockings all in the spirit of charity and Christmas.

The final date to hand in the items to Shimmer is Monday 25 November, upon which they will be gathered for an auction to be held in early December in conjunction with West Fm. Once all the stocking s have been sold, the money will be divided amongst among many Ayrshire Charities, Childrens Groups and vulnerable children to help them celebrate and enjoy Christmas.

Owner Gillian Black would like to thank those who have already donated Christmas stockings into the shop.

The shop in Girvan’s Chalmers Arcade will be holding their first Knit and Natter on Saturday 21 September to raise money for Cash for Kids. Details will be put up on Shimmer’s Facebook page at ‘Shimmer Wool and Crafts.’