Singing group is here to help

If you are suffering with dementia then a new singing group in Girvan ran by Alzheimer’s Scotland is here to help you.

Group singing can help support people who are facing a range of challenges arising from living with dementia. People attending a singing group experience an overall sense of wellbeing.

Being with mutually supportive people and engaging in singing, listening to music can stimulate positive hormones that can help to counter some of the difficulties people may face in life with dementia. Singing can also assist with communication. A person with dementia who finds it difficult to communicate and express their feeling verbally, may find that they are able to do so singing a favourite song, word for word enjoying the music.

Accessing tunes in a social atmosphere, singing, humming familiar songs, swaying or moving rhythmically and dancing to the music can add a comforting connection with the experience of the group. Being in a singing group appears to increase the feel good factor people experience. So why not come along to the group and experience it yourself. As the leaflet says you don’t have to be a brilliant singer just enjoy music.

The group is not only for people with dementia and their carers. We extend an invitation to all in the community.

Let’s make it a Dementia Friendly Community where you live. Everyone is welcome.