Smallest to the biggest

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They may be the smallest school and they may have been in the largest venue but the young pupils of St Cuthbert’s Primary certainly know how to put on a show.

Last Monday evening, the Town Hall played host to St Cuthbert’s Primary School’s annual “Burns Bash”.

It was an amazing evening and was summed up perfectly by the co-host Quinn Struthers, a Primary 6 pupil, “I love this time of year as we can celebrate everything to do with Scotland - our heritage, our culture and of course our language.”

Her co-host Adam Collins continued, ”and you know, we do it the best - we do it in a way only us Scots know how to - through poetry and a right guid sing song!” - and that is exactly what happened!

The children, their parents, their teachers and members of the community had an absolute ball and the children should be very proud of their efforts and talents, their clever mix of the Bard’s famous songs and poems combined with Scottish country dancing and old Scottish favourites such as Ye canny Shove yer Granny and Sam the Skull were a joy to behold!

The Toast to the Immortal Memory of Robert Burns was shared by Emily Brown and Anna Cochrane.

The Toast to the Lassies was proposed by Adam Collin, Kai McGregor and Harry Campbell (Photo 06) and the reply was by Eilidh Welsh, Abi McLeod, Christie Tomlinson and Rebecca Carter.