Soap opera is in the awards for drama

Anybody who was watching the British Soap Awards last Sunday evening will have noticed that Coronation Street did extremely well – due in part to the harrowing Tyronne and Kirsty storyline.

This coming week Corrie is on more often than usual, with only Thursday and Saturday being days without an episode shown. (Please see the programme guide opposite to find out start times). Currently there are a number of interesting storylines going on.

Invariably some of them will appeal more than others. Coronation Street knows only too well that good drama consists of both comedy and tragedy. This coming week the Tina surrogacy storyline will feature prominently. Will things work out for Gary and Izzy or will Gary’s secret cause problems for their relationship? And what will Tina decide to do when the baby is actually born? The Rovers Return is also due to open again in the coming week (that was quicker than I expected!) and with it a new look to the most famous TV public house. One big question is when will Karl’s involvement in the fire come out – and does this mean that Karl’s future with the soap is limited?

The rivalry between Carla and her brother Rob will resurface again in this week’s episodes and Tracy will become involved. Will events see Tracy return to her bad old ways again after a time of relative calm? Also Sally decides to try online dating – which will no doubt prove ‘eventful’. The recent scenes featuring Roy, Sylvia and Haley - dealing with Roy’s absent father St. John - have been as usual excellently written and played, so it will be interesting to discover how this will play out.