Something to think about

In the week in which the young people of our communities return to school, most of us feel that the summer is almost over and that the autumn will soon be upon us.

At this time of year, many of our local societies and organizations are getting ready to start up again for their new seasons and no doubt there will be a number of posters around which will highlight the start dates of many of these groups.

Sometimes though it can be rather difficult to decide when to display these notices. Make them available too early and people can sometimes forget what they have read. It is amazing the number of posters with important information on them, that become just part of the environment because there have been there for so long.

Put the notices up too late and people may have already decided how they are going to spend their leisure time this season. We are fortunate that we live in an area where there are a whole range of activities that people can choose to become involved in.

I often say to people, especially if they are feeling unhappy, that it inevitably helps, if they were to get involved in something which would make other people’s lives better. One of the interesting facts of life is that often if we try our best to make life better for other people then a bi-product of that is that our own life becomes better too.

But if we spend all our time only worrying about making sure that we are happy, then it seldom works out as well. Creating human beings with freewill did not make things easy for God. But He continues to hope that we will all make the best use of our time on earth.