Something to think about

My first Christmas card this year arrived on the first of December. One of the joys of the Christmas season is receiving cards. Sometimes you are given cards from people you see regularly.

And sometimes the cards are from people whom you do not see that often or even whom you have not seen for years.

Why do we send Christmas cards to people? Is it because it is expected of us?

Or is it because we like to maintain a link with people – some of whom were perhaps rather important to us in the past. What criterion do you use when deciding whether or not to send somebody a Christmas card? And is it more important to send Christmas cards to people you see infrequently – or is it more important to keep on maintaining some form of link with people from our past? I remember when the Friends Reunited site first started up how popular it was and how many people used it as an opportunity to get into contact with people that they had not seen for years.

Perhaps one of the reasons for keeping in contact with people who used to play a large part in our lives, is to validate the importance that they were to us.

If we stop sending them a card, or if they stop sending us a card, perhaps we will begin to question whether or not the time we spent with them ultimately really mattered.

I am sometimes asked why I continue to send out invitations to come to church to those who rarely attend.

My answer is that these invitations are going out to people for whom at one time the church was an important part of their lives. Perhaps one day it will be so again.

Rev. Ian McLachlan