Something to think about

Last week I wrote about Christmas cards. This week I have decided to write about the other objects that are given and received at Christmas time and that is – presents.

When the word Christmas if mentioned often the first thing people will think about is presents. What most children really like at this time of the year, is getting not one present at a time, but a whole range of presents all at the same time. The only other occasion when this happens to most of them will be when it is their own birthday.

But can you receive too many presents? And are all presents equally valued?

I have certainly heard of some young people getting more use out of the box that their present came in, than with the expensive present inside.

Do we sometimes spend too much time and money on buying and choosing presents?

Or is it true to say that we like it when someone has spent time choosing a present for us, because it means that they feel that we are important enough to them, to spend that time on us? Why does the giving and receiving of presents play such a large part in our Christmas celebrations? Some will say that it harks back to that time when on the first Christmas, the wise men who visited the young Jesus, brought Him their expensive presents of gold, frankincense and myrrh. If that is the case, should we not ensure that we always give a present in His honour, without expecting to receive one back in return.

Rev. Ian McLachlan