Something to think about

This is the time of year when we wish people ‘A Happy Christmas.’ But what needs to happen in the next few days so that you can say in future that in 2014 you had a ‘happy Christmas?’

Will you need to have received all the presents that you wanted? Will you need to have got through the Christmas dinner without any arguments and with all the courses arriving in perfect condition?

Will you need to have enjoyed at least some of the television programmes that you watched?

Will you need to have spent some quality time with family members and friends? Will you need to have got through the festive season without spending more money than you had planned to?

Will you need to have received cards from all the people whom you hoped would send you one? Will you need to have had some time alone – just so that you could get a bit of a break?

And if you achieve all these things – are they really what makes a Happy Christmas? Perhaps a real Happy Christmas is only achieved when we are given various opportunities to do what we can to give other people a Happy Christmas rather than making it all about us striving to make sure that Christmas is always tailored around what we personally want.

Perhaps if we concentrated more on making sure other people had a Happy Christmas - then we would end up being happier at this time of the year ourselves. It is important to remember that on that first Christmas, God showed us how extremely generous He was.

God gave humanity the most wonderful and the most costly present of all. He came into the world. And He did it for our benefit.