Something to think about - Actions speak louder than words

I wonder if you give much thought to your beliefs. And do your beliefs remain constant throughout your life, or do they change, depending on what you have experienced and on conversations that you have had with other people.

If you were to decide to write down your beliefs would you find it a difficult exercise to carry out? Or would

you find it easy? And are all your beliefs equally important to you or are some beliefs more important than others? Do you examine your beliefs before you take important decisions or does the fact that you hold certain beliefs only become relevant if someone were to ask you a question such as – How should we remove the poverty in the world?

Have your beliefs taken you a long time to formulate? And have you arrived at them, after having spent a good deal of time and energy reflecting on the various answers that learned people have come up with through the years to the big questions of life?

Or would you admit that you have not given much thought to these questions? People who have made a conscious decision to become a follower of a religion will say that they hold a collection of beliefs about such subjects as the existence of God; what they feel about life after death; how they feel people should behave towards other human beings; and what is the ultimate purpose of their life as far as they see it.

Ultimately what is really important though, is how people treat one another and hopefully everyone will decide to always act towards others in a kindly and caring way. After all, when it comes to beliefs, it is certain true to say that ‘actions speak louder than words’.