Something to think about- Debt is one of the great problems of our time

One of the great problems of our times is debt. Our National Debt is huge.

And unfortunately these days there are a number of people in our society who have to struggle with personal debt. Jesus told a story of a servant who managed to amass a huge debt.

However the King he owed it to, proved to be very understanding when he saw his servant was so distressed about it. So much so, that he cancelled that debt.

But instead of being very grateful for this display of generosity, the servant sought out one of his colleagues who owed him a small amount of money and demanded its immediate return. The second servant pleaded for time to pay – but sadly the first servant did not follow the compassionate example that was shown to him and did not grant the request. Instead he had him thrown into prison until he could reimburse him.

Not fair you might think! And that is what his fellow servants thought and they reported what had happened to the King.

The King was furious with the first servant for not showing the same mercy to one of his fellow servants that had been shown towards him. As a result the first servant found himself in a debtors’ prison until he could find the means of repaying his huge debt.

Christians believe that Jesus - by his willing self-sacrifice - repaid the debt that human beings owed to God, which had been amassed as a result of their continual sinning. They believe that they owe God so much because of His willingness to forgive them their sins. But that they should– unlike that first servant – be willing to show forgiveness towards other people who have wronged them in return. .