Something to think about- people give to charities for a number of reasons

There are many charities in Britain, both big and small.

Some are concerned with helping people. Others look after the needs of animals.

Some help people with a specific medical condition. Some help people in Britain. Others help people overseas. All charities do good work and it is sometimes very difficult to support all the good causes that we would like to.

We now have quite a few TV quiz programmes which feature celebrities competing against each other for charity. It is interesting to see the range of charities that are supported.

The celebrities are aware that even if they do not actually win a lot of money in the game for their chosen charity – just having it mentioned will raise its profile. And it will mean that there will be some viewers at home who will want to find out more about that charity, because it has been endorsed by one of their TV favourites. Charities all need publicity.

They need people to know about the work that they do, so that they can attract attention and funds to enable them to carry out the work they feel needs to be done. This week most churches are involved in raising money for Christian Aid.

Christian Aid helps some of the world’s poorest and most disadvantaged people to create a better life for themselves.

Christian Aid works alongside communities around the world to help them realise their goals. People give to charities for a number of reasons.

One is that they want to help those less fortunate than they are. Giving to charity is a way of acknowledging your gratitude to God for all the blessings that you are currently receiving in your life. And by so doing, helping to create a better world for us all.