Something to think about - Rev. Ian McLachlan

Everybody needs to take some time off. Everybody needs time to rest. However there are some people who say that they ‘work all the hours that God sends them’.

But is that really good for them? It is important for most people – as long as their health or age allows it - to work in some capacity or other. That can be in paid employment; working in the home; or helping and caring for other people. But it is also important that all of them get an opportunity to have some time for themselves in order to relax, to enjoy themselves and to just think.

Having time for reflection is very important because it allows people the opportunity to think things over carefully before they act. Sometimes, unfortunately, there are some people who are very quick to judge other people and to claim that some folk, in their eyes, are not working hard enough.

Some people can motivate themselves easily, mainly because they have an idea of exactly what they want and are eager to achieve their objectives. However for others it can be more difficult to become motivated. Perhaps they have become discouraged over time, because they have tried so many things and have never succeeded in them as much as they hoped to. Or perhaps they have never encountered someone who positively motivated them to such an extent that they caught their vision and became inspired by it. Jesus was such a motivator. He came to the earth to encourage people to do something constructive with their lives. He gave them positive advice and help, which if acted upon, would result in a better life for themselves and for others.