Something to think about: Sharing our insights into faith

Before someone becomes a full time member of the clergy, they often have the opportunity of listening to a number of different preachers and worship leaders on a regular basis.

However once you become full time, the opportunities to listen to other people leading worship can become something of a rarity.

Your work means that on most Sundays you are the one who decides the Scripture readings; the prayer topics; the hymns and the subject to be covered in the talk.

However it is helpful to take as many opportunities as possible to hear other people’s thoughts as regards their faith.

Last Wednesday evening in Girvan South we had our first Sundown Service where groups of people – or individuals – from various local congregations have an opportunity of leading worship.

Obviously if one week there is no group prepared to lead worship then I would have to step in and fill the gap. Hopefully though this would be a rare occasion, because I greatly enjoy the opportunity of listening to other people’s reflections on their faith.

Although there are many millions of Christians throughout the world they can see their faith in slightly different ways. Often during these Sundown Services someone has said something which has got me thinking or even got me rethinking some aspect of the faith.

While all organisations need people to lead them, they are also usually full of people, all of whom have something positive to offer.

In our society it can be the case that some Christians can seem somewhat reluctant to discuss with others what their faith means to them. That is a great shame, as most people’s faith is a work in progress and everyone within a faith community usually has insights which if shared, other members could really benefit from hearing.