Something to Think About- When did you last receive a letter?

I wonder when you last received a letter. Not a letter which was really a bill or urging you to buy something. I mean a proper letter. A letter that somebody had sat down and written especially for you.

Perhaps they had composed it on their computer because their handwriting was not great. Or perhaps they had actually written it in longhand, which kind of makes it even more special. So when did you last receive one of these letters when the person who was writing to you was actually sitting and thinking of you personally when they were writing it? Perhaps remembering some of the times that you had spent together. And if you got a letter like that would you read it several times over? And would you keep it?

Now there are some people who might say that writing letters is old fashioned. That in these days of email and text messages and mobile telephoning, that we do not need to write letters any more. That the art of letter writing is over. It would probably be true to say that we communicate with more people, rather more regularly, than we used to. But how many text messages and emails get deleted almost at once, unlike letters which are kept? The New Testament contains within it a number of letters. These letters are hundreds of years old. Many of them were written by Saint Paul. He wrote them to individual Christian congregations in the early days of their church’s life. These letters while originally written for a particular group of people at a particular time are still very relevant to us today. Through them we are able to understand something about how we can apply the Christian faith to our day to day lives