Something to think about- Where do we choose to go on holiday?

For many people this is their favourite time of the year because it is when they take their main holiday.

This means a chance for a change. A chance to relax and to let other people do some of the work that we have to do the rest of the year - such as tidying up and preparing meals.

But choosing where they are going on holiday can be difficult for some people. Do they go to the same place that they enjoyed going to last year, because they know that they will have a pleasant time?

Or do they go somewhere different? Do they go on holiday simply to relax, to enjoy the sunshine and do as little as possible?

Or do they go to new places in order to learn new things about parts of the world that they have never visited before? Do they want to see as much as possible of this world that God has given them as their temporary home?

Is it important to get an opportunity of meeting new people while on holiday, or should our priority be to spend as much quality time as possible with those people who mean the most to us?

Holidays often provide people with thinking time - with the opportunity of looking at their lives away from the busyness of normal living.

It is always important to take time to think about what is truly important and to determine whether we are spending the precious days that God has given us as effectively as we could be. While it is important that we do not waste our holiday time it is also important that we do what we can to make sure that we make the most of the rest of our lives as well.