Something to think about with Rev. Ian McLachlan

Sometimes it is quite difficult to get through a day without moaning and complaining about something. Perhaps it is the weather.

It is either too sunny or too rainy. Perhaps it is something that annoys us about somebody else’s behaviour. Perhaps it is something that we feel we could put right if we were given a chance to.

Sometimes when we find ourselves complaining about a whole number of things all at the same time, we begin to wonder if perhaps we are turning into someone who grumbles about everything.

We begin to fear that might be turning into that person that that we promised ourselves that we would never turn into. Someone who always has something to complain about.

How does this happen? Well it certainly seems that just now there are many people only too willing to complain about lots of things.

There are many people who are only too ready to pick fault with someone else’s work.

It used to be the case that people were advised that if they could not think of something nice to say to someone, then they would be advised to say nothing.

Nowadays sadly there are perhaps more people willing to volunteer complaints than compliments. And that is a shame, because if people are commended for something they have done then they were more likely to thrive and achieve even more.

Whether it is a child or an adult, both tend to feel good about themselves when someone commends them for their work.

And they feel not so good about themselves when they are either taken for granted or criticised.

God has given us a wonderful world. But human beings thrive best when they are encouraged to participate in it and commended for the positive things that they achieve.