Something to think about with Rev. Ian McLachlan

If you heard the word ‘treasure’ I wonder what picture would first come into your mind. Would you think of pirates’ treasure and a casket overflowing with all kinds of expensive jewellery?

Or would you think of the various objects which you have at home that you personally treasure?

Most people have such things and some of them are valuable in monetary terms and others are valuable for purely personal reasons.

Some of the things that we treasure are technically replaceable whereas others are not.

Perhaps the objects that we treasure are ones that form part of a collection that we have chosen to have. Or they are presents which have been given to us by people who have played an important part in our lives.

Most people will say that they treasure their good health, realising that what we can actually do from day to day often depends on how much energy we have. Many people will say that they really treasure the memories that they have of happy times in their lives.

Our memories are what helps to make us unique and perhaps the only time travel that we will ever be able to experience, is to think back to earlier times in our lives.

Happy memories are inevitably connected to people who matter to us.

Many people will say that what they particularly treasure is the various good relationships they have with other people - especially family members and friends.

Then there are some people who would say that what they really treasure is their faith. The good relationship that they have with God, their Creator and the set of beliefs that they have been given by Him, so that they can live out their lives in as positive a way as possible.