Something to think about with Rev. Ian McLachlan

Last week one of my churches held a very successful Floral Art Competition.

I very much enjoyed the opportunity of looking at the various ways that different people had interpreted the various subjects that they had been given.

I think that what Floral Art exhibitions and Flower Shows really demonstrate above all else, is the beauty of the natural world. Sadly I think that flowers are something that I sometimes think that we often take for granted. But think how much poorer our world would be, if all the flowers currently here suddenly ceased to exist. I believe that we would really miss them because the flowers help to make our planet the wonderful place that it is. Jesus used flowers in his teaching, telling his listeners how beautiful the wild flowers were that God had made.

He urged them to stop worrying about non-essential things as God took care of everything, including the flowers. In Floral Art, the exhibitors take a variety of different objects – mainly flowers- but often other things as well and turn them into something unique. It is what individuals do with the various ingredients, is what matters in the end.

God has left us with everything we could possibly need. He has given us a world where there should be enough for all of us to have what we need and more. But sadly the world often ends up being a place in which some people have more than they need and some people do not have even the basic essentials. We have to remember that that situation has come about because of human decision making. God has allowed us the freedom to decide what we should do with the gifts that He has left us.