Something to think about with Rev. Ian McLachlan

At this present time what should our priorities be as individuals and as a society?

It would seem from some of the national newspapers last week that for many people one of their priorities seems to be knowing as much as possible about the implications of a popular baking programme moving from one television channel to another. And also knowing more than they need to, about certain celebrities’ private lives. These days increasing numbers of people seem to be not only interested in celebrity and the celebrity lifestyle but many people also seem to want it for themselves.

The other day a young man on television said that he was willing to pay thousands of pounds (that he has to borrow to pay) so that he could alter his appearance to look like a particularly celebrity. The reason for doing this, was so that hopefully he could have the lifestyle that his hero has currently got. When items about celebrity tend to dominate the news does that not mean that we are somewhat missing out on learning more about other issues, which in the grand scheme of things should be rather more important? Surely it is vital that we are informed about the world that we are living in at this present time, so that we know what needs to be done differently.

Sadly there are so many negative things happening in the world just now, which need us to be willing to pray to God about. It is also important that we do whatever we can to care for those in need and to help make things better for everyone if we can. And that can only really happen when we get our priorities right and concentrate on the things that should really matter.