Something to Think About with Rev. Ian McLachlan

This past Sunday we held our annual Harvest Thanksgiving Service in two of my churches.

Unlike the festivals of Christmas and Easter there is no fixed date each year to celebrate this special event and as a results churches up and down the land tend to hold their Harvest Thanksgiving Service on the date that suits them best.

However Jesus in some of his parables talked about harvests.

He often used harvests symbolically, explaining that he was hoping that his words and deeds would result in a better life for everybody. In the Old Testament harvests were to become important for Joseph. The Pharaoh had a disturbing dream that only Joseph could interpret.

Joseph explained that the Egyptians would have seven good years followed by seven poor harvests. Joseph therefore encouraged Pharaoh to set aside some of the produce from the good years, so that they would have something to live on during poor ones. Joseph saved the Egyptians from a difficult situation and this resulted in him receiving high office where he could help people including his brothers. Unfortunately we have heard of many people down through the years who suddenly have found themselves becoming rich and then spending all their money, rather than setting aside a good proportion of it for when inevitably their good fortune runs out.

Nowadays our world’s resources are more limited than we would like to think and we should be careful to ensure that we leave behind enough of them for succeeding generations. After all one of the first jobs that God gave us was to look after his world.