Something to think about with Rev. Ian McLachlan

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Are you thinking of buying a new television in time for all the special programmes next month? And if so what kind of television will you be choosing?

Will it depend largely on cost or are there other considerations to take into account? When it comes to televisions it seems as if there are almost too many options.

It seems that the television to buy just now is an Ultra High Definition (4K) one. It is because this television is promising even better picture quality than ever before.

Viewers want to have as clear as possible a picture of the world as it is at present.

They will no longer tolerate the poor reception that they had to endure in the past. However while the pictures may now be better are the programmes always better too? Surely it is the contents of a programme which is the really important thing? One of the problems with our ever changing technology is that it is often very difficult to keep up with it.

People often discover that their former ‘latest gadget’ has been supplanted by an ever more advanced one. Do we just accept that there is a newer model out there or do we moan saying that we ‘wish that we had waited’.

But then when do we buy, if technology is always developing? Some human beings are keen to keep on trying to improve the technology that we have and that is a good thing. God gave human beings intelligence and talents and He wants them to be used.

He gave people creativity and the ability to continually discover new things. When it comes to technology, it is making sure that we use it in life enriching ways that is the important consideration in the end.