Something to think about with Rev. Ian McLachlan

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There is at the moment sadly a lot of negativity around. There are of course many reasons for this. But just as there did not exist sometime in the past where everything was wonderful for everybody, so too at this present time there are a number of wonderful things still happening.

For example technology continues to produce new inventions on a regular basis. Last Friday night we saw a wonderful event where some £46,624,259 was raised for the BBC’s Children in Need.

-This demonstrated that lots of people are willing to help others in need whom they do not personally know. This television event was for thirty-five years hosted by the very popular Sir Terry Wogan, who sadly passed away earlier this year.

It was felt by some that as he was so closely linked to the event, that without him it could not continue. This total shows that it can continue because of – among other things - the good work that Terry put into the event. Often the greatest thing someone can do is to leave a legacy that others can continue. Sadly there are some organizations which close down because there is nobody willing to continue the good work that was started by others. I believe that it is important that worthwhile endeavours survive after their founding members have to move on for one reason or another. New people are always needed to carry on the good work. Organizations which help disadvantaged people will be needed for the foreseeable future. We would not have a Christian Church today – which also helps the disadvantaged - were it not for the fact that the original apostles had encouraged enough people to carry on Jesus’ important work when they themselves were no longer able to.